The Experience

Racing Reimagined

Race into a world of gaming with Chaos Karts. An all-new experience that combines the worlds of Go-Karting and Video games, using state-of-the-art technology to get you racing in real-life.

Chaos Karts is taking gaming to the next level by bringing it into the physical world and immersing you in it!


With the virtual world being digitally projected around you, the experience brings you an augmented reality experience without the need for any headsets or personal screens. It’s just you, your kart, and the virtual tracks.

The experience comes complete with varying track designs, a fully reactive and drivable electric kart and most importantly, usable in-kart power-ups and weapons that will allow you to ‘battle’ right up to the finishing line.

Choose your weapon!

Having fun may all be well and good…but how do I WIN? You may be thinking to yourself. Simple really; you will race your fellow players, and along the way you will be collecting points.


The player with the most points at the end of a race, wins. The player who wins the most races, wins the tournament.

Points are won by collecting jewels and using power ups. Here are just a few of the power ups you might come across…


Quick fire lasers at your opponents! It looks cool AND it wins you points.

The Hammer

Swing this powerful hammer and wipe out the other players!

Speed Boost

Does what it says on the tin, really..


A package of points for you right here! Drop behind you to stop someone in their tracks!

Race into a world of gaming

Race into a world of gaming

I feel the need... the need for a race

Wait that’s not how the saying goes, is it?

With in built collision-reduction technology and other high-tech safety features, you can satisfy your inner speed demon without the need for pesky helmets and overalls. 

From sunbather to astronaut

Stepping into a video game means stepping into infinite possibilities…

One minute you are on Daytona Beach, the next… who knows? Space?! Race in a digitally projected world that immerses you in endlessly fun tracks for an experience you’ll never forget.