No burning rubber here, just the answers to all of your burning questions! 

The site is very centrally located in Manchester and attainable using Manchester’s public transport network.

Our main entrance is on Lower Byrom Street on the corner of Studio 1, just next door to the Science and Industry Museum and directly opposite St John’s Gardens.

There is no vehicle parking on site but there are a large number of public and paid parking options in the immediate area.

We’re open! We can’t wait to see you!

Pre-book online and save. Tickets are available online from £22 per person. Tickets are available at the attraction on the day for £35 per person.

CHAOS KARTS is a brand-new, never-seen-before live action video game experience. You’ll be racing real karts around tracks in a digitally projected world, with virtual weapons and power ups to use against your family and friends!

Using a combination of cutting-edge electric karts, projection mapping and augmented reality technology, we're going to put you right into the heart of the action!

In all you should expect to be at the venue for 60-75 minutes, including check-in, pre-play activities, briefing, game-time, debrief and scores (you will be on the track for just over 20 minutes). Each session is for up to 8 players and you are encouraged to book back to back sessions and can watch friends and family if you have sessions before or after each other.

You must be at least 11 years old and be 5ft/1.5m tall to play.

If you are under the age of 18 you must be accompanied by an adult. This adult does not have to play but must book a companion ticket via our Pit Crew by emailing guestservices@chaoskarts.com

Chaos Karts aren't built for passengers, so, unfortunately we cannot allow people at any stage of pregnancy to play, including those who were not pregnant at the time of booking.

For your own safety you will not be able to play if you

  • Have Epilepsy
  • Have a weak back and/or neck condition
  • Are unable to use both legs and one arm
  • Have consumed alcohol or illegal substances prior to playing

Restrictions are clearly displayed at time of booking on the website and enforced by operating staff on site. A waiver will be signed by all customers before participation.

Only ticket holders are permitted inside the attraction. 

Dress for fun and comfort!

No high heels or open toed shoes

No scarves or loose flowing clothing

Also you'll need to tie up long hair - so get those stylish buns ready!

Bring along your phones and cameras to make some memories of your time at Chaos Karts.

You will need both hands on the wheel to play, so you can't take them onto the track but there are plenty of opportunities for a quick snap or two!

Need to know more? Don't worry our helpful Pit Crew are on hand to answer any more questions you might have, drop them an email at guestservices@chaoskarts.com

You will be on track for approximately 20 minutes.

We do! On Tuesdays!

Our Student Tuesday tickets, purchased online, are 20% off our regular online rate.

This ticket/offer is valid for students in further or higher education, or in an approved apprenticeship scheme only. Each ticket holder must be able to present a student photo ID from a university / college / apprenticeship scheme with a valid expiry date at the point of visit.